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Hello, my name is Carlos Magno Tubertine and I have been in the appliance industry for over a decade. I proudly worked at Flamingo Appliance located in South Florida. I am a factory authorized technician for Whirlpool Corporation. Currently, I have opened my own company and move on to my ultimate dream of becoming an entrepreneur. With the experience that I have gathered true all these years, I have learned that repairing appliances is my passion, and assisting my customers is my mission. I simply enjoy what I do, day in and day out. I am eager to perform unprecedented services for my own company. The name of my new appliance company is Aqua Appliance Repair. As we begin to provide services, we plan to cater to the Palm Beach County area. It would be phenomenal if I could become a Factory Authorized Service Company for your brand and provide your customer with excellent services and first-class experience. At Aqua, we know and understand that customer service is a crucial point of service. On our service calls, we will strive to make our presence as efficient as possible. Aqua believes in investing an immense amount of time on the technical training for our technicians. We will also invest heavily in Customer Service and strategies to provide an unmatched Customer Experience. Providing the “White Glove” service that most customers love to see is normal for AAR. Our technicians will be wearing gloves every time they touch an appliance, as well as a shoe cover as soon as they arrive at the Customer’s door. Aqua’s technicians will also have a tool mat to make sure all of the surrounding areas are protected from any accidental tool damages. Our company will be extremely efficient and willing to maneuver and adjust with new technology that is released. Each technician will be equipped with their laptop which they will carry into every Customer's house, therefore the technician can look up parts in real-time and precisely provide a Customer's estimate and an electronic invoice. Our account with Service Bench is being set up to better assist you and create an easier schedule for your company. Also, we have the liability insurance up to 1 Million dollars as required. 

Aqua Appliance Repair is dedicated to providing an exceptional authorized experience that is unmatched in South Florida. I am looking for a chance. Becoming a representative for your brand and having the opportunity to prove myself and the company I represent would mean the world to me. I guarantee you will not regret it. I am very motivated and passionate about my work and will be happy to hear from you.


Carlos Magno Tubertine.


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